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Preventive Health Care and Wellness examinations

What we do when you bring your pet to visit us for an examination.

We check your pets: From Head to tail and other way round. We check Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Hair Coat, Heart, lungs, Lymph nodes, Joints, Belly and many more...

We may even ask your pet to walk, stand or run. However, even the most thorough exam can't tell us if everything is healthy on the inside. We may recommend to do one, two or perhaps an intricate variety of tests to help us see the whole picture. So with the physical examination, we may perform few or all of these tests for your pet.

- Basic Blood Tests:

Blood work i.e. chemistry panel or CBC profile, allows a view of system functions. Different tests are used to evaluate different organs. Detecting small changes early, before signs of illness appear in your pet, allows us to help to create a proactive plan to protect your pet's health and quality of life. Some of blood tests require your pet to fast for 12-24 hours before the exam.

- Urine Test:

A urinalysis is an evaluation of your pet's kidneys function. Changes in the acidity and the appearance of cells in the urine can indicate ongoing disease. A urine test may indicate kidney or bladder disease but can also detect other common diseases like diabetes and Cushing's disease.

- Fecal Testing:

Fecal testing is the evaluation of your pet's feces under a microscope. Common parasites - better known as worms - include roundworms, hookworms and coccidia. Some of parasites are transmissible to kids or senior peoples. While you might not see these worms in your pet's stool, special preparation and testing of the sample will allow us to find worm eggs and larvae, which are sure indicators of a parasite infection.               

- Digital Radiography:

The digital X-ray Imaging and radio diagnostics help in great way to find our internal problems. Radiographs are routinely used as a diagnostic tool. They provide valuable information about animal’s bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart and genitourinary system (bladder, prostate).


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